List of All National Holidays 2019

List of Public Holidays 2020
List of Public Holidays 2019

This is the official list of All the major National Public Holidays celebrated in South Africa. We’ve included all the dates for 2019. This will help you clear your schedule and plan ahead for the celebrations. You no longer have to ask yourself questions like:

  • When is the Next National Holiday?
  • What National Holiday is Today/Tomorrow?
  • How many National Holidays are there in a Year?
  • Is there a National Holiday in May, August or September?

All these questions are answered here.

There are Seven (7) National Holidays in South Africa. Easter is Not a National Holiday, neither is Christmas, New Year or Good Friday. However, Easter Monday also known as Family Day in South Africa is a National Holiday.

In 2019, there are No National Holidays in January, February, July, October or November.

The Table below shows the Full list of Upcoming National Holidays this Year:

DateDayWeek of MonthHoliday
21-MarchWednesday3rdHuman Rights Day
27-AprilFriday4thFreedom Day
1-MayWednesday1stWorker's Day
16-JuneSunday2rdYouth Day
9-AugustFriday2ndNational Women's Day
24-SeptemberSaturday4thHeritage Day
16-DecemberSunday3rdDay of Reconciliation
List of Public Holidays 2020
List of Public Holidays 2019