2019 Calendar with Public Holidays (South Africa)

School Terms 2020 with School Holidays (SA)
New Year 2020 (South Africa)

This page contains the full year Calendar with public holidays for 2019. We’ve included all the 12 months (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December) in their right order.

You don’t need to ask yourself questions like:

Just use this free online calendar to see and plan for all the important dates this year (2019).

Not only that, there also links to other types of calendars; everything you need is included on just one page. You can scroll down to see them.

2019 Calendar


Green= Public Holidays.

Light Purple= School Holidays.

Red= Weekends.

Click on the Public or School Holidays links above to see the Name/Date of the Holidays celebrated annually in South Africa.


2019 Calendar with Week Numbers


School Calendar 2019

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School Calendar 2020

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School Terms 2020 with School Holidays (SA)
New Year 2020 (South Africa)